Saturday, June 23, 2018


#48. FC-AFC CHOPPER'S FINAL APPROACH, "Billie" LF, Joel Harris  

(11/18/2011, NFC-AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior ex Candlewoods Worldwide Hoodoo)
Breeder: Scott Jones
Owner / Handler Joel Harris, Yampa, CO

Billie with owner / handler Joel Harris came to the line at 9:59 am

Left Flyer -Billie swam slightly left of the center as she crossed the small pothole pond. She crossed the dam and angled in crossing the peninsula and swimming right of the island behind it. Running into the mowed field she approached the area of the fall from the right and went to her bird.

Left Retired - The dog ran by the small pond and the cove of the large pond. Crossing through the tall cover and on to the gun station she turned to the right and retrieved the bird from the long grass.

Right Retired - The dog drove down the hill and swam to the island in the pothole pond in front of the line. She crossed the island, exited on the far side and drove across the area right of the big pond. She turned left into the peninsula and retrieved her bird.

Right Flyer - Billie's swim across the left pothole pond kept her close to the right side. She crossed the dam and swam in open water across the width of the pond. On exit she drove out to the hay field and quickly found her way to the flyer.

What a way to end her hard working week at the 2018 NARC!

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