Saturday, June 23, 2018

10th Series - Test Dog #2, FC-AFC Rockliffs Chopper Chipper, LM "Chipper"

Chipper with owner / handler Sally Foster came to the line at 8:20 am

Left Retired - Chipper ran through the tall cover in front of the ponds and rolled outside the left retired gun station before finding her pheasant in the tall grass

Left Flyer - Crossing the left small pond and the large pond, Chipper crossed the prominent point, exited the far side of the pond and drove out past the bales to the bird.

Right Retired - Chipper ran down the land bridge between the two small ponds into the cove in the large pond and climbed out onto the peninsula to retrieve the bird.

Right Flyer - The dog entered the left pothole pond and swam up the middle on the similar line he took to the left flyers. He swam to the left point in the large pond and the handler blew a whistle to handle him to the right. He exited in hay field and a couple more whistles were down to the bird.

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