9th Series

Ninth Series – Land / Water Quad

The mist is hanging on the tree tops on top of the hills and temperatures are cool and promise to stay that way today. Wind is negligible.

Left Flyer: The line faces NW and sits atop a mound. The birds are shot left to right, "round the horn." The first bird of this quad is a rooster pheasant flyer shot to the right at 153 yards. The line cuts the end of a pond and up an incline of mowed cover in a field with large square bales. One of the bales has been broken up and spread around to create the look of "simulated cover."

Left Middle: The second bird is a dead duck thrown to the right to the first island of another pond requiring an angle entry. This mark is at 138 yards.

Right Retired: The third bird, a rooster pheasant is thrown right into a mowed field at 232 yards towards a stand of trees. There is another island on line to the bird. This gun station retires.

Right Flyer: The fourth is a flyer hen pheasant shot right towards a mound. There is an un-mowed strip to cut through to retrieve this bird at 130 yards.

The test is taking approximately 11-12 minutes per dog.

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