8th Series

Eighth Series – Water Quad with Two Retired, a Boat Bird, a Flyer with a Sluice

The clouds are lifting and skies will clear. Winds are light and out of the north. The line is facing a westerly direction. Today's temperature is scheduled to be much cooler. The field is a terraced and overlooks a large technical pond. All of the bird in the this series are drakes.

The first bird down is the Long Retired thrown angle back to the left at 330 yards along a tree line. The dog runs down the terrace field covering a large portion of the field dotted with water-filled ditches and past mounds to far the edge of the field.

The Left Retired stands at the base of a tree and throws the bird to the left at 282 yards. The line to the duck will be down the terraces and mowed areas also dotted with water-filled ditches and berms that the dog will go through.

The third bird is the Boat Bird with a large throw to the right across a pond and landing on an island at 210 yards. Again, the line is through the mowed area, out through the water and to the island.

The fourth bird is a Flyer shot to the right at 146 yards and sluiced. The line is through the mowed area and patches of higher cover.

Long Left Retired – 330 yards

Left Short Retired – 282 yards

Boat Bird – 210 yards

Flyer with Sluice – 146 yards
There will be more photos to come … they need to be loaded one at a time due to connectivity issues with mountains and low cloud cover. Thank you for your continued patience …

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